Artwork by Omid Milani

Dr. Omid Milani is a cartoonist and a part-time professor in law. Dr. Milani’s research focuses on violence in the legal and political contexts. His work is focused on telling stories, envisioning realities and imagining creative solutions.

Dr. Milani’s work is published on Contekst, which “creates innovative modes of engagement —with real issues— that transcend the boundaries of traditional [linear] thinking & education. Through ‘visualization’ & ‘narrativization’, it demonstrates & communicates critical ‘meanings’ that have been, for obvious epistemological reasons, long-forgotten in various fields such as Law & Philosophy. Contekst seeks reconciliation through linear & non-linear logics, in the fields of e.g. visual jurisprudence, feminist & critical race theories, normative ethics, mimesis, etc. Furthermore, the epistemological & methodological aspects of Contekst applies in practical fields such as education, MBA (in marketing & data visualization), communication, & the like.”

Contekst delivers a programme called AIJ© in collaboration with human rights institutes and centres across Canada. The programme involves a global cartoon contestan opening a ten-day exhibit, followed by publication of a document, in the form of a visual journal illustrating selected artworks. The document can be considered an original publication in the field of visual jurisprudence.

AIJ © is expected to open a national dialogue, thereby fertilizing ground for imagining possible responses to the TRC’s Calls to Action through the universal language of the Image. AIJ © will tour across Canada to bring images of [in]justice from the vast inscape of artists to the conscious sight of the Canadian scholars, practitioners, and not least public. AIJ © is committed to our shared values of freedom of expression, open inquiry, and respect for peace. 

First edition theme: “Genocide”

Contest deadline: May 30, 2019

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